The Billionaire’s Struggle Novel by Symplyayisha

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The Billionaire’s Struggle Novel Summary.

Guy Anderson, a 29-year-old billionaire and CEO of Anderson’s Enterprise was living a very happy and fulfilled life.

However, This was short-lived when his legally wedded wife, Alyssa, died a few minutes after giving birth to their baby girl.

Guy became depressed, but he knew he had to be strong for his daughter and he promised to take care of her with his life.

Five years later, Guy was in his office when he got a call informing him his daughter had fainted and had been rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, she ended up in Coma.

Guy’s daughter had always been his motivation to success. But now that she’s in Coma, Guy does not seem to do anything right,

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which caused him to loose a deal worth millions. He was so angry with himself and decided to go to a club to get drunk where he eventually had a one night stand which got Emerald pregnant.

The Billionaire's Struggle Novel by Symplyayisha
The Billionaire’s Struggle Novel by Symplyayisha

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