The Billionaire’s Temporary Wife Novel by Bosy Elselhdar

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The Billionaire’s Temporary Wife Novel Summary.

She cheated on me with my best friend five days before our wedding. I saw them kissing together in my house, bedroom, and bed! So, I either kill them on the spot or make them regret losing me.

It wasn’t easy for me, but fate decided to give me the best gift on the same day… destiny gifted me with the most kind-hearted and innocent girl ever. “Excuse me, miss.

Can I ask you a question?” I stopped her once I focused on her in the restaurant where she worked as a waitress. Her manager just fired her because she spilled coffee accidentally on one of the customers.

I took advantage of the situation while she was crying. She looked at me and wiped her tears, “what?” “Are you married?” I asked her immediately. She narrowed her eyes, and she thought I was insane or a stalker, “I am going to call the police.


Go away.” I closed the gap between us, and then I showed her a Rolex diamond watch and told her, “I am wealthy. Here’s the proof. I need your answer.” She blinked her eyes, “I don’t fucking care if you are rich or not.

Stay away from me.” I didn’t waste more time, and I pulled her left hand to check if there was any ring. I didn’t find any, not even a mark on her fingers. So, without hesitation,

I asked her, “would you marry me today, and I will give you 100 thousand dollars for three months.” And ding…. she slapped me across the face.

The Billionaire's Temporary Wife Novel by Bosy Elselhdar
The Billionaire’s Temporary Wife Novel by Bosy Elselhdar

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