The Billionaire’s Toy Novel by Lustre Okengwu

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The Billionaire’s Toy Novel Summary.

“I am bound to punish you for breaking the rules,” he said as he started undoing his tie. I swallowed, the thought of being punished by him terrified and excited me at the same time.

I needed this. The heat pooled between my legs as I watched him undo his tie with one hand and his belt in the other. It was hot. He grabbed me by the neck, bending me over the table with my face down on the surface and my ass high up in the air.

He caressed my soft flesh with his palm. “Count,” he ordered, My brows furrowed in confusion, the haze of lust so heavy in my head that my brain failed to grasp his words.

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The first slap landed on my ass cheeks and I cried out. “Count,” he barked. I whimpered but I nodded my head to his request. “One,” I counted as the first slap came on my behind.

I kept counting as he delivered blows to my now red ass. “Good girl,” he murmured as he rubbed them gently, to take away the ache. I was moist and he could sense it. Dipping his finger into my pussy, he confirmed how wet I was for him.

“Hmm,” he hummed, embarrassment slammed into me with enough force. I barely knew this man and here I was letting him possess me. I liked it. I licked my lips in anticipation of what he wished to do, his lips touched the nape of my neck and I jumped.

He licked the juncture of my neck, and the pulsating nerves there responded to his touch. “You taste so sweet,” he murmured as he kissed his way down my neck. “T…thank you,” I managed to get out. “Let me make you mine,” he says.

The Billionaire's Toy Novel by Lustre Okengwu
The Billionaire’s Toy Novel by Lustre Okengwu

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