The CEO’s Contracted Mistress Novel

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The CEO’s Contracted Mistress Novel Summary

When Bobbie Caron was twenty-one years old, billionaire tycoon Olivier Villeneuve had swept into her world and flipped it upside down. With her sister dying in a care home, when he made her the offer to spend thirty days with him for sixty thousand dollars, she knew she couldn’t refuse. Then he had double-downed and extended her contract by another thirty days. The charming charismatic man with the filthy tongue easily had Bobbie eating out of his hand and stealing her heart.

Just shy of the sixty-day mark, with Olivier away on business, she finds out he has not only abandoned her in their hotel suite, but he’s passed her contract on to someone else to finish out. With the help of a security agent, she made her escape, but the damage was done. The realization she had almost been sex-trafficked by the man she had fallen in love with was devastating. She turned tail and ran as far away as her bank balance would allow.

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Olivier Villeneuve was a financial genius with a love for numbers unlike anything else. When he sets eyes on a gorgeous blonde barista, he knew he had to have her. When he returns from his trip to his family’s estate to learn she’d run off with his security agent, he was incensed. Nobody takes what is his and makes a fool of him in the process. He spends nine years searching for them both.

When Olivier is seated in his hotel his eyes clash with a set of familiar eyes and all bets are off. He will do anything to get Bobbie back in his bed, including demand she finishes out the five days of her contract she never fulfilled. When the man realizes the children, she is traveling with, are not her employer’s kids but his, twins with his eyes and his cocky smirk, he’s found his key to success. He’s going to have his contracted mistress back with the bonus of his babies, whether she likes it or not.

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For Bobbie the problem isn’t whether she likes it, it’s whether her heart can survive another round as the CEO’s contracted mistress. All’s fair in love in war, until it isn’t. When the truth comes out, how far will Olivier go to protect what is his and can Bobbie survive the fallout?

The CEO's Contracted Mistress Novel
The CEO’s Contracted Mistress Novel

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