The CEO’S Little Fall Novel by E. M. LEGACY

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The CEO’S Little Fall by E. M. LEGACY.

The CEO’S Little Fall Novel Summary.

“You are my wife, but I will not fuck or touch you from today on, understand? You won’t even sleep in my bed. You wanted my name, didn’t you? Well, you have it now.

Make good use of it.” Luca Bianchi, is a famous Italian CEO, who runs his family’s business. He is handsome, rich, and attractive and would be the husband material,

If he wasn’t a monster. He is forced to marry the stubborn and obstinate Sofia Morelli, his father’s protégé.

Sofia has had feelings for Luca since he first kissed her years ago. Sofia Morelli is the perfect wife living in a nightmare.

The CEO'S Little Fall Novel by E. M. LEGACY
The CEO’S Little Fall Novel by E. M. LEGACY

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