The CEO’s Persistent Love Novel by S.H. Waen

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The CEO’s Persistent Love Novel Summary.

Amanda Lemaiyan is an heiress with a problem: when she gets back from a short vacation after breaking off her engagement to her cheating ex, she realises that the strange man she slept with at the resort is the new CEO of her company.

The problem? He is the replacement of her ex, who used her to rise the ranks of her family’s conglomerate.

She knows what to do—forget she ever slept with the man and not give him a chance to play her like her ex did. But will her plan work when she can’t help recalling how good it felt being in his arms?

Especially when he seems hell-bent on getting her back into his bed… Can she give in to the temptation when she risks losing her place in her family’s conglomerate if she’s caught in another scandal with another CEO?

The CEO's Persistent Love Novel by S.H. Waen
The CEO’s Persistent Love Novel by S.H. Waen

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