The Contract That Binds Novel by She Myra

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The Contract That Binds Novel Summary.

She won’t bend. even if the one bending her is a smoking hot mafia. Getting drunk… Dancing her ass off… Then losing her V card to a stranger.

It was a simple plan for Kenny to burn the steam. But things got complicated when she got pregnant with that stranger’s child and that stranger turned out to be the Irish mafia, Lucifer.

Lucifer somehow found out about her pregnancy. Now he is determined to make her his. Kenny can’t drop that unborn child but she can’t afford the expenses that come with it. So,

When Nick offered her a contract that if she’ll marry him until the birth of their child, he will give her all the privileges and will take care of the needs of Kenny and her baby.

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She immediately signed the contract. Bond by a contract. Will there love to survive??

The Contract That Binds Novel by She Myra
The Contract That Binds Novel by She Myra

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