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The Cursed Prince by Missrealitybites Summary

This book is about baby-making. [COMPLETED on chapter 715]

The crown prince was cursed on the day he was born, that he will never be happy. What’s worse, no woman could touch him without dying. Thus, finding a wife to produce an heir became the royal family’s greatest challenge since the prince is the only son.

Until one day.. a servant girl who tried to kill him didn’t end up dying after they touched. Emmelyn was a princess from one of their colonies who vowed to avenge her family’s death by killing the crown prince. And that’s how she ended up in his castle.

Seeing that she was the only woman he could have a sexual relationship with, without killing her, the prince agreed to let her go and free her kingdom from his oppression if she produced three heirs for him.

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Emmelyn said yes, but every day that they were together, she made plans to kill him and get her revenge.

Can Emmelyn get what she wanted, or would she be entangled deeper with the enemy who was deemed as the devil incarnate himself by his enemies?

“You will be the mother of my children,” said the man in a commanding tone. His shameless words rendered Emmelyn speechless and shocked, more so, than the kiss he landed on her lips earlier. “I need three children from you.”

“Eh … wait.. what? Hold on a minute,” Emmelyn, who was moved from her shock, hurriedly rubbed her lips roughly as if trying to remove the devil’s marks from them. “I don’t want to be your wife! I don’t want to marry you, you devil!!”

The man frowned and squinted his eyes menacingly. “Who said anything about marriage?”

“Let’s go,” said the prince.
“Let’s go where?” Emmelyn asked, not understanding.
“Let’s go make babies.”

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