THE DARING SOUL (BOOK 1) Novel by Novel Banks

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, THE DARING SOUL ( BOOK 1) by Novel Banks.

THE DARING SOUL (BOOK 1) Novel Summary.

When a young lady embarks on a daring mission that leads to her less-rosy world falling apart.

Meet Tracy, a breathtaking and courageous mundane who has been trained since childhood to carry out all sorts of missions.

Meet Jayden, a heartless, breath-seizing demigod who’s known for his bewitching face and great power. He’s recognized as the vampire lord in the underworld and the mafia lord in the human realm.

Both vamps and mundanes fear and respect him. No one dares offend him and go scot-free. Then Tracy was courageous enough to dare cross his path.

Let’s see what happened when Jayden, the ruthless mafia-vamp lord, chose to handle the daring soul in his own ruthless way.

THE DARING SOUL (BOOK 1) Novel by Novel Banks
THE DARING SOUL (BOOK 1) Novel by Novel Banks

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