The Dark Ark Novel

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The Dark Ark Novel Summary

In a world where cultivators and wielders of soul power exist, a call echoes across worlds: “I am the ‘Truth,’ the path to true and complete individuality. Seek me out, cultivators from all races, from all realms, and from all worlds… I AM KEY”

The world unfolds as the Duodecad Sovereigns rise from various realms, each a formidable powerhouse, vying for control of the enigmatic Dark Ark.

“I am Davi A. Vermillion, a blind dream lord, and runic cultivator, a sovereign and I shall claim the Dark Ark and ascend to the throne of Emperor of Cultivators”. Accompanied by powerful soulbeasts—a regal titanic blue scorpion, an Imperial Blazing Sand Dragon, and a mysterious soulbeast entity whose origins remain shrouded.

From the talons of death, a life of trash with no cultivation, he acquired the dreamworld rune and the sand-sand soul fruit, it could be fate or not, but the fact remains he became a Sovereign. The Dark Ark embodies the ultimate truth, a prize attainable only by those who embody the will of ‘A.’

The Dark Ark Novel
The Dark Ark Novel

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