The Dark Tulip Novel by ColinJDev

Don’t miss this amazing novel, The Dark Tulip by ColinJDev.

The Dark Tulip Novel Summary.

An anthology of dark short stories. We start with a baby left on the road. A car pulls up short of the child.

The wife of the driver wants and needs to mother the girl. Never easy to adopt a child. It’s harder if she has powers. The following story tells how badly a young artist wants to keep her father’s art shop.

She will stop at nothing. Next, a family deserve a holiday, and they get one, but far more than they expected.

Deadly miniature sea creatures destroy their break. The tales are sinister and black. Expect no sleep if you’re reading in bed!

The Dark Tulip Novel by ColinJDev
The Dark Tulip Novel by ColinJDev

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