The Demon Wants My Soul Novel by AminaSb

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The Demon Wants My Soul Novel Summary.

Emma is an eleven-year-old whose soul and heart are writing, when Emma starts to write a new book she decides to use her the name of her hometown.

Soon, an incident occurs and Emma relocates to her hometown Basin, but what happens when she realizes that every chapter of hers is a reality in Basin?

Still in shock, tears rolled down her cheek, Emma looked at her with sympathy. Her mom never thought that a day like this will come.

She looked down at Emma before she turned around and looked at Ruth. She said something under her breath which wasn’t audible enough for non of them to hear.

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“Mom please say something,” Emma said, her tone sounding whispery. Emma’s mom gulped as she turned back and looked at Ruth “Kevin” She breath out.

The Demon Wants My Soul Novel by AminaSb
The Demon Wants My Soul Novel by AminaSb

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