The Don’s Wife Novel by Javyriah

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The Don’s Wife Novel Summary.

You think I will marry you? The person who kidnapped me? So go ahead whether you kill me. O still will not marry someone like you.

Demon turned in a serious manner on speaking like this. And came very close to her and stopped infront of her face. He was so close that Abigail’s was having trouble breathing. Ah, said what..

A person like me. LIsten .. You have to live with a person like me for the rest of your life. Now it is your choice, get married with me or live without marriage.

He grabbed her shoulder, he jerked her shirt. But due to his force her shirt was slightly torn from the shoulder. And Abigail stopped a sob.

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He looked her like an hungry animal and after saying his words, he did not stop and went out immediately.

The Don's Wife Novel by Javyriah
The Don’s Wife Novel by Javyriah

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