The Dragon King’s Chosen Bride Novel by AT_Imagination

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The Dragon King’s Chosen Bride Novel Free Online Novel.

What exactly does it mean to be his bride? Every year, in each of the seven villages that made up the great Kingdom of Ignas, a Choosing Ritual was conducted.

During this Chosing Ritual, one of the ladies in the village would be chosen to be the dreaded Dragon King’s Bride.

No one knew exactly why the ritual was being performed every year or what happened to the brides that had been chosen in the past. Was he turning them into slaves? Feeding them to his dragon? Or was he

feeding on them? That couldn’t be ruled out. After all, there were rumours that the king wasn’t like them, that he wasn’t human. Yet the question relentlessly troubled the people’s heart.

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What was he using them for?! But they dared not question the King, afraid of what fate daring to go against him would be. Anyways, none of these was Belladonna’s business. Although it was her village’s turn to produce a bride this year,

she was certain she wouldn’t get chosen. Why? Well, because she had a plan and she was absolutely certain it wouldn’t fail her… or would it?.

The Dragon King's Chosen Bride Novel by AT_Imagination
The Dragon King’s Chosen Bride Novel by AT_Imagination

Read The Dragon King’s Chosen Bride Free Online Novel.

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