The Engagement Party Novel by Baby_Nûella

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The Engagement Party Novel Summary.

HAVE you ever met with, seen or come across someone so talented, and grounded in almost everything in life???

Well here you meet one, best actress, fast rising actress, sweetheart of Nollywood, award winning Belinda Nzeike, most beautiful, most sophisticated.

she’s an all rounder in her field. And most important of them all, heartbeat of the most handsome and hottest actor in the industry, Kelly Gregg.

But what happens when at the peak, another all rounder talented actress joins the industry, and tries to take the shine off her? Hmm, then the competition began,

jealousy and rivalry set in. Now, she has nothing else to do but to fight for her position, and this newbie isn’t backing down either, she’s ever ready to fight it with her.

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And what happens as well, Kelly Gregg seems to become uncomfortable with the whole development and the decision to call it quits with Belinda,

came in. Did he? Or did he not? It’s exciting, intriguing, great, it’s a thriller!!!

The Engagement Party Novel by Baby_Nûella

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