The Entangled Prince’s Choice Novel by MHIZDARHMEY

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The Entangled Prince’s Choice Novel Summary.

“If he live in the palace, he shall die! You must never let him grow up in the palace!” she warned as the thunder clapped loudly once more “My queen,

I can’t let you die like this” Alpha Ren mumbled soberly, trying to reach for her hand “Don’t worry about me, I prepared myself for this.

She will be the light in the Prince’s path, make sure you treat her well” she smiled weakly before the Beta barged in with his crew “It’s time” he announced and she was dragged out of the cell in tears.

Prince Jaqen lost his mother and was taken out of the palace where he grew up. He never had any emotions or cared about anybody because of the hatred he harbored in his heart but that changed when he met the missing piece of his life that was supposed to guide his path.

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She’s not a werewolf like him and was part of the slave. Would he be humble enough to let her come closer?

Will circumstances permit the love of a werewolf and human slave? Will she be able to guide the cocky Prince which was her mission?

The Entangled Prince's Choice Novel by MHIZDARHMEY
The Entangled Prince’s Choice Novel by MHIZDARHMEY

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