The Ex-wife Revenge Novel by AlexandraDiane

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The Ex-wife Revenge Novel Summary.

“The same day that Elizabeth found out that a life starts to grow inside her,

Charles asked her to sign papers she never thought that she would ever receive. “Ellie, sign this,” Charles said and put down the envelope he was holding on top of the glass table.

“What is that?” She asked while looking at the envelope. It was the first time that Charles wanted her to sign something and she doubted if it had something to do with the business. “Divorce paper,” Charles simply said while looking at her.

Upon hearing the words that came out from Charles, Elizabeth was unable to open her mouth. She felt like her heart was stabbed by a sharp knife and how she wished that she had just died that day.

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“Babe… Charles baby…” Elizabeth heard that endearment, coming from Elaine Imperial. She’s Charles’ childhood sweetheart.

She felt a bucket of cold water pour out all over her body. Without a second thought, she immediately signed the divorce paper. Then, she turned back to hide the tears that were flowing down from her eyes.”

The Ex-wife Revenge Novel by AlexandraDiane
The Ex-wife Revenge Novel by AlexandraDiane

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