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The Fables Of The Poisoned Huntress Novel

Don’t overlook this captivating novel titled Infinite Paths: The Raging Phoenix Novel.


Infinite Paths: The Raging Phoenix Novel Summary


“Your death is the only way for this chaos to end. That has been your fate all this time,” the woman continued. “Ever since your appearance in the Depths of Occurrence, this was set in stone. No one can change this fate bestowed upon you, not even you can resist it.”

“Then I’ll fight it! I have so much to live for! Just one more thing! Once I’m done, then I’ll agree to whatever you ask -“

The woman shook her head. “It’s far too late for that now, Greshina. Say your goodbyes. From here on out, you will never be the same again. Death is what awaits you.”

Greshina screamed at her, “Then I won’t go! Why must you leave me with such pain and misery? Why?”

“That was your sacrifice. After all Greshina Lansdale, you were supposed to die before. After more then a decade, it is time to die. Sorry, Greshina.”

An unfortunate human girl is introduced in a world she never knew existed. She is later involved with the Euponomian world and more details hidden form humans. Gifted with the powers of the Poison Demoness of Annihilation, her journey to become powerful enough to face the most powerful Euponomians and to fulfill her parents’ legacy begins.

The Fables Of The Poisoned Huntress Novel
The Fables Of The Poisoned Huntress Novel

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