The Favorite My Own Flesh and Blood Novel

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The Favorite My Own Flesh and Blood Novel Summary

David entered the nation after graduating from the seminary. He had long secretly admired Daniele. Many women tried to entice David and made up amazing stories to keep his attention.

Not because everyone likes her, but rather because she is funny, straightforward, gorgeous, and intelligent, Daniele has become everyone’s favorite. Daniele has always fared extraordinarily well on tests and in-class evaluations. She receives bullying from both her male and female young peers as a result of her decision to forgo makeup in favor of a comedic appearance.

Daniele trained as a psychiatrist and a nun. Her superiors support her, and her friends envy her. She has been the target of plotting because she maintains her purity for the Lord while remaining untouched by human behavior and viewpoints.

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As a born-again Christian believer, Daniele found unforeseen challenges that led her to meet David. However, she has not yet tasted genuine love. She evolved into an emancipated lady and a modernized nun.

David appeals to Daniele and she falls in love with him for these reasons. Many women claim for David but he is usually denied. Daniele learns how to love David with all of her heart.

David admitted that Daniele was his fate. Unexpectedly, they get married. It matches David because he already has financial issues and his parents are ill. As they prepared to return home, Daniele was hurt. But David discovers his stock shares with his best friend and starts a new company with their children abroad.

They finally travel to the Philippines to see her family, where David is detained until disappears due to previous problems. Daniele Dixon Richardson is still steadfast in her resolve to serve God, nevertheless.

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The payoff is immense when David comes back and stays by her side till death separates them after dedicating her life to serving God.

The Favorite My Own Flesh and Blood Novel
The Favorite My Own Flesh and Blood Novel

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