The Fire Of Killing You Novel by FX777

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The Fire Of Killing You Novel Summary.

What would you do when a handsome Mafia Boss kidnaps you and gives full satisfaction to your hidden desires?

You want a dominant one or you follow what his hidden desires for you? Manfred Valderrama wanted an heir.

Amara Villafuerte wanted his heart. Amara Villafuerte at a young age was kidnapped by Manfred Valderrama and both of them explore their desires, feelings and satisfactions.

The 19 year old innocent and beautiful daughter of Steven Villafuerte was kidnapped while attending the party in an island.

She was brought to the mansion of Manfred Valderrama at the basement, chained and sexually explored by his captor. Manfred anger and hatred were to demolish her physically and emotionally.

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Their encounters gave them to know each other better, and Amara Villafuerte to follow the command of Manfred Valderrama.

The Fire Of Killing You Novel by FX777
The Fire Of Killing You Novel by FX777

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