The Game’s Villain’s POV Novel

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The Game’s Villain’s POV Novel Summary

Have you ever felt like someone is messing with your reality so intensely, it’s as if they hold a grudge against you that runs deeper than you can fathom?

I’ve certainly never committed such a heinous act to warrant it. Yet, here I am, feeling like a pawn in someone’s twisted game.

Who would go to such lengths as to create a game where I’m cast as the villain, relentlessly tormented by the main character and his entourage?

Initially, I brushed it off as the work of a skilled game developer seeking attention. But as events unfold, I can’t shake the feeling of unease gnawing at me.

‘But this..’

‘How come?’

And then it happens. Suddenly, inexplicably, I find myself thrust into the very game I thought was nothing more than a cruel joke.

The Game's Villain's POV Novel
The Game’s Villain’s POV Novel

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