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The Great Genetic Era, a science fiction novel by Pig Sanbu, presents a unique vision of the future where humanity has discovered advanced technology on Mars and has used it to augment human evolution.

Summary of The Great Genetic Era on Webnovel

The story takes place in the year 2062, where we follow the life of Xu Jingming, a retired professional gladiator, and his journey to use this new technology to his advantage.

The novel begins with a brief history of the world, highlighting the first Mars landing in 2036 and the first World Martial Arts Tournament in 2052. We then meet our protagonist, Xu Jingming, who at the young age of 26 has already retired from his career as a professional gladiator due to severe injuries. He is now living a quiet life, trying to find a new purpose for himself.

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However, things change when the United Nations announces the arrival of a new era of human evolution. They reveal that advanced technology has been discovered on Mars and has been used to develop a VR experience that can augment human genetics. The VR experience is freely available to all mankind, and Xu Jingming sees this as an opportunity to regain his glory.

Xu Jingming quickly realizes that this technology could not only help him recover from his injuries but also provide him with an edge in the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament. He begins training with the VR headset and discovers that he can unlock new abilities that were previously impossible for him. He also learns that the VR experience has brought about unexpected consequences, such as the emergence of new breeds of humans with enhanced abilities.

The Great Genetic Era is a fast-paced and engaging read that explores themes such as the ethics of human augmentation, the impact of technology on society, and the pursuit of power. The novel is well-written and immersive, with vivid descriptions of the futuristic world and its inhabitants. Overall, it is a unique and thought-provoking addition to the science fiction genre

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