The Heir We Breathe Novel by Elena Evergreen

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Heir We Breathe by Elena Evergreen.


The Heir We Breathe Novel Summary.

She often felt alone… until she met him. When they met he was batter and bruised. But she saved him.

And Together they must overcome the challenges that their different backgrounds force them to have, and come together as one.

They only have each other in one realm, and a whole kingdom in another. But through great challenge… comes sweet sweet love and happiness.

But for how long will that happiness last before the shadows of their past come to ruin the picture perfect, fairy tale life they’ve created.

Come along of the journey of Dahlia and Malik as they build they’re life through all the trials and tribulations.

The Heir We Breathe Novel by Elena Evergreen
The Heir We Breathe Novel by Elena Evergreen

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