The Hybrid Luna Novel by R.Y.E.

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The Hybrid Luna Novel Summary.

“You think I will let your f****** d*** to get inside my precious jewel? Think again.” “Don’t say that too early, mate. Because my d*** is gonna get in your sweet p**** as well as my tongue and fingers and every part of my body that can get in there.

And I am going to make sure you’ll beg me not to stop.” Lindsay was abused by her pack members thinking she doesn’t have a wolf because of her witch mother and human father.

Both her and her mother lived in the Hill Pack because of her mother’s friend, Luna Gwen. Despite Alpha Nick’s refusal to take them in, Luna Gwen insisted on making them live in the pack.

Because Luna Gwen was well loved by the pack members, they agreed with her. But after she had died, everyone started to bully Lindsay, being an orphan as she is, no one defended her with the pack members who hurt and abused her.

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She was rejected by her mate, the future alpha of the Hill Pack Xander Devance. After accepting his rejection, Lindsay left the pack and becomes rogue and meet a witch that taught her to use her witch power.

What will happen when Lindsay return to the pack because of the former gamma that she treated as her own father and saw Xander?

How would Xander react when he found her mate who was now stronger and confident. Will the bond that they severe tie them together again?

The Hybrid Luna Novel by R.Y.E.
The Hybrid Luna Novel by R.Y.E.

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