The Hybrids Novel by FX777

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The Hybrids Novel Summary.

The virgin and the stranger named him ALPHA MERCURY – destined by his ancestors to defend the werewolves, vampires, humans, and HYBRIDS.

Brando Ramirez is a playboy in Manila, the Philippines who go to Barrio Anting-Anting at the invitation of James Ramirez and falls deeply in love with Mary – the virgin.

He falls in love without knowing that a baby is destined to be born in the Azzo Tribe and will be named Mercury Ramirez, who is a human and a werewolf with special strength and abilities through their Azzo ancestors.

Their love is destined to live with a man named Mercury, who is a hybrid of humans and werewolves. The war between the Azzo and the Azzwang Clan’s false belief that it is not suitable for people’s lives.

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But the Azzo Tribe wants to live with the people and help in a good way. As time goes on and people become modernized, the same thing happens to werewolves,

vampires, and fairies, and people learn to accept werewolves and vampires in their daily lives, but they have their own rules. and lifestyle.

Mercury’s sister grew up not knowing each other until Darya Montenegro crossed their paths. Mercury Ramirez was reincarnated in another time and opportunity until he fell in love with a pureblood vampire Annie Mikaelson.

They were blessed with a son – Mercury Ramirez Junior. Because Mercury is a Mega Alpha, he is constantly protecting his Pack and the other descendants of the Azzo Tribe.

He experienced many wonders and adventures in other times and places. His love is set to help werewolves and hybrids live with humans.

The unknown son of Mercury and daughter of Arnold Rivas like each other at school and fall in true love with each other. “That’s Mercury’s destiny to fall in love with people,

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werewolves or vampires – help his pack even if they go their separate ways. A PARANORMAL-FANTASY-WEREWOLF-VAMPIRE ROMANCE.

The Hybrids Novel by FX777
The Hybrids Novel by FX777

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