The Immortal Pact Novel by R.M. Swan

Don’t miss out this amazing novel, The Immortal Pact by R.M. Swan.

The Immortal Pact Novel Summary.

Miranda Moore is a 22-year-old college girl from Ravenfalls, a town generally quite outside of its menacing woods.

Now something sinister is brewing and locals have begun to disappear. Desperate for answers, this local girl will have to face her fear of the woods if she has any chance of finding her loved ones.

Can Miranda uncover secrets that have been buried by time and put an end to it all? Or will she become the next victim? The Woods – A place that nightmares are made of.

For years it sat untouched by the town until the arrival of a last heir, Darius Ryder. He is the dream man every girl wishes she could take home, but he only has eyes for one.

The Immortal Pact Novel by R.M. Swan
The Immortal Pact Novel by R.M. Swan

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