The King Is Mine Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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The King Is Mine Novel Summary.

A maid is paid by her King to bear him a son since the Queen, Hemes can’t give birth to a child. Moved by pity, Nima the maid gets pregnant for the King,

Exa, but the Queen soon plans to kill her immediately the child is born. Nima learns of this and escapes the palace with the King’s child, Udi.

The King must look for his child and to find him he must find Nima. The Queen moved by jealousy must protect her position as Queen.

She takes over the Kingdom by bribing the officials. The King who is on his way to find Nima looses his throne to his wife.

It is left for the King to protect his only son and heir to the throne from the desperate desire of Hemes to eradicate him and his maid, Nima, alongside their son and righful heir to the throne of Zeri Kingdom.

The King Is Mine Novel by Obiechinna Martins
The King Is Mine Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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