The Kingpin’s Possession (BL) Novel by Anna Kendra

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The Kingpin’s Possession (BL) Novel Summary.

Kimhan, Kim, needs to produce an heir in order to rule over the empire that his father built from scratch, but since he can’t change what’s in his heart,

he will need to change ways to produce an heir. So the only option left is to ask his best friend, Kanya, to become his surrogate.

She’s the only one who had always understood him and accepted him for who he was. However, when Kanya’s younger brother Kit decides to follow her to the mafia household for her protection,

Kim is instantly drawn to the boy at first sight. From the moment both of them laid eyes on each other, it’s the beginning of their endgame.

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But being a part of the criminal world is full of dangers. Is Kim willing to let Kit enter his world despite the fear that he could lose his life at any moment?

Or will he let go of the only ray of light he has left in his dark, dark world.

The Kingpin's Possession (BL) Novel by Anna Kendra
The Kingpin’s Possession (BL) Novel by Anna Kendra

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