THE LAST HERO STANDING Novel by Joshua Degreat

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, THE LAST HERO STANDING by Joshua Degreat.


In the secluded town of Blackwood Hollow, where conspiracy theories are a way of life and “The Last Hero Standing” was more than just a title, something strange has happened.

Elias Blackwood, the eccentric leader of this off-the-grid community, has met his untimely end. Was it a sinister plot, a botched survivalist experiment, or just a case of too much canned food?

Enter Detective Sarah Hart, sent from the outside world to unravel the mystery. She’s about to discover that in Blackwood Hollow, everyone’s a suspect, and the truth is buried deeper than a backyard bunker.

With quirky townsfolk, hidden journals, and more conspiracy theories than you can shake a tinfoil hat at, “The Last Hero Standing” is a mystery that’s as unpredictable as it is hilarious.

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Join Sarah as she tries to make sense of a town where paranoia is the local currency, and finding the truth might just be as likely as surviving the apocalypse itself.

Can she crack the case and become the true “Last Hero Standing” in this zany, offbeat mystery? Get ready for a wild ride, because in Blackwood Hollow, the truth is out there…somewhere!

THE LAST HERO STANDING Novel by Joshua Degreat
THE LAST HERO STANDING Novel by Joshua Degreat

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