The Last Hula Novel by hchladybug1218

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The Last Hula Novel Summary.

Leahi Hiyashi is destined to be a hula legend until her grandma starts to unravel before her eyes. Her grandma isn’t the only person on her mind.

Kai Kekoa, a new hula student, comes into Leahi’s life and makes his interest in her known. As Leahi attempts to avoid his advances, she finds herself liking him back.

Will Leahi allow herself to fall for Kai or will she take care of her dying grandma and ignore him? Weeks away from the big Merrie Monarch Hula Competition,

Leahi finds herself struggling to face her grandma’s upcoming death. Will Leahi be able to dance one final hula for her grandma, or will she give up on her dreams to spend time with her in her final days?

The Last Hula Novel by hchladybug1218
The Last Hula Novel by hchladybug1218

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