The Lowest Demon of Hell by Caine_Stark

The Lowest Demon of Hell by Caine Stark is a horror and thriller 


Summary of The Lowest Demon of Hell

The protagonist of the tale is Abel, who dies in his mortal life and then awakens in hell. He is a demon rising in hell, not a human soul. He advances through the body horror of the demon world one evolution at a time, using the power of Hell’s profane system to plunge into depths that he was never able to reach as a man.  

The 22 chapters of the narrative begin with Abel’s awakening in hell. As he moves up the hierarchy in hell, Abel, a demon, is feared by other demons. 

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The Lowest Demon of Hell by Caine_Stark
The Lowest Demon of Hell by Caine_Stark

With each level he advances, he develops, picking up new skills and getting stronger. He also learns about Abel’s fall in his mortal life and the events that led to his death as he travels.

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The story is a must-read for horror fans because it is full of gory, disturbing imagery, and graphic descriptions of body horror. 

An exciting and unsettling horror tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The author’s writing is fantastic, and the story’s world-building is impressive. This book is recommended for readers who enjoy horror and thrillers.

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