The Luna’s Surprise Mate Novel by Luna

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Luna’s Surprise Mate by Luna.

The Luna’s Surprise Mate Novel Summary.

The schools Luna has been unknown but no one knows it is the girl they have liked to bully and make fun of even though they think they are hiding it they have let it be

known that they don’t like her and she only has a few friends but she does her best to make everyone who loves her proud but it is hard when she is the oldest kid in her house she has depression and she has been

suffering the bullying that has been thrown her way and she has recently found out she is bi/pansexual (she doesn’t fully know yet)

but she always manages to make everyone proud. {This is the story about a werewolf girl whose name is Kitalie.}

The Luna's Surprise Mate Novel by Luna
The Luna’s Surprise Mate Novel by Luna

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