The Lycan King’s Breeder Novel by Joy Apens

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The Lycan King’s Breeder Novel Summary.

“On the bed!” He commanded gruffly, leaving no room for questions. Everything was quiet and I heard my heart pounding. It was difficult to even breathe.

He suddenly moved, reaching for me. I felt his fingers brush over my shoulder, the silky robe slowly slipping off of me. My heart filled with dread as I thought about how I looked in his eyes right now.

My body trembled, my eyes shut and it felt like my face was on fire. “Please…” I begged in a broken and shaky voice. “I don’t want to be your breeder.”

Talon the Black is as his name suggests. Dominant. Heartless. Ruthless. King of the Lycans, Talon is madly in love with his mate, Willow, but things start to fall apart when she cannot bear him a child.

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Driven to desperation, Willow begs him to breed a filthy human and while Talon is reluctant to, he does as his beloved wants. Abused and maltreated by her parents, Avalyn has been sold by her father to the Lycans.

Her life is even made worse when she realizes that she is to be the Lycan King’s breeder. She is to sleep with him and carry his child even though he is already married. It is a cold business exchange, her curvy body in exchange for an heir, nothing more.

But what happens once this ruthless King starts to fall in love with her? Can they hide their forbidden love from Willow or would there be hell to pay once she finds out?

The Lycan King's Breeder Novel by Joy Apens
The Lycan King’s Breeder Novel by Joy Apens

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