The Lycans Sin Novel by Blu~vee

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The Lycans Sin Novel Summary.


Follow the journey and escalades of mother and daughter, who must fight to gain their stand in life. Blood,she killed them..

My whole family murdered,and I watched all of them die, she turned into a monster and killed them, tearing them limb by limb…. She’s my daughter, what the hell is she?

Raelynn Black’s mother had her when she was just seventeen, from the one night stand she had, with an unknown man. All Raelynn ever wanted all her life, was to meet people like her,

and know her father, whose werewolf gene she inherited. Her whole life gets twisted, when she’s awarded a scholarship to study at the prestigious Loma academy,

she goes there in hopes for a peaceful school life, but will she ever get that, when she realizes the one thing she’s been searching for her whole life resides there.

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WEREWOLVES. Raelynn gets her life mixed up with seniors, the most popular clique in school, she realized one of the seniors is her mate, but Remington wants to reject her, claiming he has a girlfriend.

They both make a deal with each other, Remington will give her the peaceful school life she ever wanted, free from bullies who are hell bent on making her life miserable,

while in turn Raelynn rejects him as her mate. But what happens when the mate bond proves to be stronger than any other mere bond for them werewolves, as Remington begins to find himself drawn to her,

as he can’t stay away from Raelynn even for a minute, he begins to see her behind his girlfriend’s back wanting to taint her pure soul.

How will Raelynn’s life turn out, when she’s torn into believing if her supposed mate loves her as he claims when he’s still with his girlfriend? And that her father who’s she’s trying to find is within her reach??.

The Lycans Sin Novel by Blu~vee
The Lycans Sin Novel by Blu~vee

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