The Mafia Devil’s Doctor Novel by DarkMage

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Mafia Devil’s Doctor by DarkMage.

The Mafia Devil’s Doctor Novel Summary.

THE MAFIA LORD’s DOCTOR “I love you,” the cute boy peered up at the doctor. “You are my type,” he shyly bit his bottom lips as he blinked.

“Take your damned medicine and get out.” The doctor narrowed his eyes at him, “I don’t date men.” “I’m not a man, doctor. I’m a boy.” Steve’s life consisted of being a good doctor and nothing else.

He had no thoughts of the future. All he was concerned about was his job. But all that came to an end when Aiden stepped into the picture.

Cute and sweet, Aiden was the perfect embodiment of a rich rebellious boy who was pampered by his parents.

He was the exact type that Steve doesn’t want to associate with. But Steve doesn’t have a say in what he wants, not when the person involved is Aiden, who is determined to have the doctor as his.

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He won’t stop at anything to make the doctor his, even if it means killing anyone whom the doctor smiles at.

The cute little boy isn’t who the doctor thinks he is. Beneath the cute body lays a ruthless man who doesn’t blink when he shades blood.

The Mafia Devil's Doctor Novel by DarkMage
The Mafia Devil’s Doctor Novel by DarkMage

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