The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire Novel by Seerat Kaur

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire by Seerat Kaur.


The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire Novel Summary.

They laughed warmly. Abruptly, the door swung open. A troop of five men in their twenties came into view. They were in black formal suits.

Only one attracted her. She sucked in her breath, her heart raced, and her body trembled. She grasped the bed sheet in her hands.

She felt tightness in her chest, her belly ache, and dizziness. Last night’s memory was standing in front of her in the beautiful shape of him, reality. He took her virginity.

She could feel her body on fire… Liam Rodrigues is a ruthless cold-hearted Mafia & Billionaire.

He is the illegitimate first child of his father. Although, his stepmom, Olivia has accepted him and dotted him like her own born. But he strongly doubts it. He never let anyone be near to him.

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Except for his half brothers, who are more real and loyal to him. Roselyn is an orphan, who was adopted by a rich family.

She was adopted as a toy for the spoiled brat, Isha Pinto. She wanted to chase her dreams and wanted to build schools and colleges for orphan children.

The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire Novel by Seerat Kaur
The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire Novel by Seerat Kaur

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