THE MAFIA’S STRIPPER Novel by Proud Writer

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, THE MAFIA’S STRIPPER by Proud Writer.


Damian Scott is known as the most ruthless soul and mafia lord in the country and beyond. He is wanted by the authorities due to his illegal deals but no one could catch him.

Despite all his illegal dealings, he still managed to come out innocent. Freddie Cole, happens to be an undercover agent who is sent to bring Damian behind bars.

Freddie never failed in his mission as he was a professional in his line of work. What happens when the man Freddie is asked to bring behind bars had darker secrets that he could hardly comprehended.

A secret that would swallow him and change his life forever?

THE MAFIA'S STRIPPER Novel by Proud Writer
THE MAFIA’S STRIPPER Novel by Proud Writer

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