The Manaless Extra Novel

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The Manaless Extra Novel Summary

Life is like a seesaw, you know?

Sometimes you’re up, but for me, it felt like I was mostly down.

Born in a cramped, leaky apartment, my family’s struggle was like a heavy shadow, always there.

Despite their hard work, we could barely make ends meet.

I thought education would be my way out, so I buried myself in books, hoping hard work would change my fate.

But even that dream crumbled when I didn’t get the scholarship, losing it to someone with a fancy last name but mediocre grades.

The unfairness stung deep.

I tried college, working jobs left and right to afford it, but eventually, I had to drop out.

My path led me to a karaoke bar where I started as a receptionist and worked my way up to General Manager. It was a hard climb, but I did it, thinking I could finally make a difference for my family.

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But life had other plans.

One evening, walking home, my phone pinged with an update for “A Magician’s Path,” a webnovel I followed.

The Manaless Extra Novel
The Manaless Extra Novel

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