The Marriage Favor Novel by Shvonne Latrice

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The Marriage Favor Novel Summary.

The day Lisara Compton caught her husband in a rather compromising position, changed her life in a way she nor her sons ever saw coming.

Realizing too late that divorcing him would cause a domino effect of turmoil, she is now forced into an uncomfortable life that she can’t seem to stay afloat in.

With her eldest son acting out, and a nonexistent ex husband, Lisara feels things can’t get any worse.

That’s until her ex betrays her and their son in a way that leaves her in need like never before. It seems she just can’t catch a break, until she meets him.

Prime, professional gangsta and heir to a historically black financial institution, is the man to see in Los Angeles,

and especially Crenshaw, a neighborhood in South Central, and also the place Lisara now calls home. He has money, means, wisdom, bravado,

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and the handsome looks to go with it. The only thing missing is that one woman in his life… despite the fact that he is in a relationship with his child’s mother, Nori.

When he literally breaks into Lisara’s home, he is faced with an attraction that he can’t quite get over. And when he learns she needs saving, in the name of holy matrimony, he is all too willing to be that savior.

Having endured then beat a life threatening illness, Prime feels leaving Lisara on the table in favor of Nori wouldn’t be taking advantage of his second chance at life.

So while Lisara is in it for the assistance, Prime is out to convince his betrothed that there is no better man for her than him.

But what happens when the woman he’s risking it all for turns out not to be the woman he thought she was? And what will happen when Prime’s trail of broken hearts leads to turbulence and tragedy for Lisara?

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Find out in this tale of love, betrayal, secrets, and intrigue and what happens when a woman goes from a man of God to a man of God and the streets.

This is a standalone novel.

The Marriage Favor Novel by Shvonne Latrice
The Marriage Favor Novel by Shvonne Latrice

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