The Miscreants Novel by Author Augustine C

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The Miscreants Novel Summary.

The Miscreants in Zion International College (ZIC) were severally warned. They engaged in all sorts of gross misconduct.

They contravened the school rules on several occasions but were not discovered until one day when their cups got filled.

Then what Thomas Mark told them became clear, it is extremely good to be good”. Unfortunately for them, they clutched at straws, chased the wind and shadows, yet failed.

God wanted to sanitize the mission school, which had been the heart’s desire of Thomas Mark. He opposed all misdeeds, rebuked and counselled by Virtue of his position as the Senior Prefect.

Despite all this, he whom the gods want to kill, they first make hard of hearing as the miscreants paid deaf ears to Thomas’s advice. Eventually, they reaped what they sowed in a very painful way.

The Miscreants Novel by Author Augustine C
The Miscreants Novel by Author Augustine C

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