The Moonlight Swordsman by Mahaksh

The most bizarre uses of magic will be featured in my book, along with fantastic, action-packed battles.

Since he was a young guy, Aizel has struggled with depression. The only things that kept him going from being tortured in school to being viewed as an outcast just because he is an antisocial person were novels, manga, piano lessons, and sword training.

He never expected to be transported to another universe when inebriated by the edge of a lake at night. He is unsure if he is dreaming because the world with mana is full of monsters, magic, and superpowers.

Only to learn later that he has a power with limitations and drawbacks that may be compared to being the deadliest thing he could have ever imagined…

The Moonlight Swordsman by Mahaksh
The Moonlight Swordsman by Mahaksh

“I am fascinated by all of the kingdoms, magic, and Xelgar in general. However, what Alora mentioned intrigues me greatly.

Because I’d seen and read so many anime and novels, I was confident in my ability to employ sword abilities, fire skills, and methods. That there is now a special power as well still baffles me.

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Is it true that I have imagination power, as Alora claims? That seems a bit overwhelming. I could still not employ some strategies and abilities during the battles, though. The power has a drawback and a restriction.

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Is that a result of my weakened core? Will I be able to accomplish anything if I manage to restore it simply by envisioning it?

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