The Nascent Bloodline Novel

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The Nascent Bloodline Novel Summary

The Infinity Era brought about a drastic change in humanity, reducing their primacy as a species due to a decrease in an unknown Energy. 

Bloodline abilities such as Mind Control, Matter Manipulation, and Multi-dimensional Telepathy, were once wielded by humans. But due to the decreased energy, lesser abilities like the four natural elements- Paranormal abilities were now the dominant among humans.

However, the discovery of ruins left behind by an alien race enabled humans to grow in leaps and bounds, allowing exploration of the quantum universe and creation of quantum devices. 

But as human potential peaked, mysterious races of higher intelligence appeared, with an inexplicable hatred for humanity, were barred by barriers in their dimensions.
As time went by, loopholes appeared, enabling them to transverse to Earth realm.

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Who will save the Earth realm? 

Egon’s lifeless body………

His skin was nearly ripped off……..

Blood had no longer gushed out due to lack of it……

Then he was fully enveloped within a golden light……

Egon’s eyes burst open with power emanating from them like fire……….

A beam of light descended from the heavens and shot straight towards his body – causing him to glow even brighter than before…….

He is the Nascent Human!……

Please, I’m new to writing if you spot any mistakes just drop a comment.

I might not be that good at writing system, but please I would get better…..

The Nascent Bloodline Novel
The Nascent Bloodline Novel

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