The perverse fantasies of the CEO Novel by Mayte

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The perverse fantasies of the CEO Novel Summary.

They never imagined that their lives would change completely that morning. He, a successful 35-year-old lawyer who had never lost a single case in his entire career;

an arrogant man who could not see beyond himself and his own interests, unable to recognize his own emotions,

lived with the belief that everyone around him had to submit to his will and no man was capable of refusing anything he proposed,

nor was there a woman who would refuse to take part in his sexual games. She, a 21-year-old girl who was forced to abandon her studies to take care of her younger sister,

was the first to defy him and say “no”, showing him that his social position, along with his aura of superiority, did not bother her.

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His strong and defiant temperament will manage to obsess her and awaken her unbridled sexual appetite, and in the face of her needs, desires and curiosities, she will end up being dragged fully into his world,

where depravity, ugliness and lust manifest themselves in increasingly severe forms. She will have to kneel at the behest of a man who believes her life is his in

exchange for something that only she can give him and that, even if she wanted to, she could not refuse: to pay for the complete care of her sister.

The ownership agreement is what he proposes; three fundamental clauses that she cannot break: Discretion – Exclusivity – Zero feelings.

The perverse fantasies of the CEO Novel by Mayte
The perverse fantasies of the CEO Novel by Mayte

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