The Player Wants Me?! Novel by Courtney Radford

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, The Player Wants Me?! by Courtney Radford.

The Player Wants Me?! Novel Summary.

Sequel To “My Bestfriends, The Players And I”. You should probably read that first but it isn’t necessary but for it to make more sense. “So you know who I am then?” He asked, smirking.

“Most people do. But yes, you’re Kian Wilde. The Bad boy. The Player. The Heart breaker.” I say and he smirked. “Nice to know what you think of me as” he says with a wink.

“That isn’t what I think of you” I smirk back, returning the wink. “What do you think of me then?” He asked with a small smirk. “Oh you know. It isn’t what most of the girls would say.” I say with a small giggle.

His smirk widens. “I’d say you were an absolute asshole, A manwhore, A jerk who needs to learn that using girls gets you nowhere in life.” I say giving him a sweet smile.

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The smirk on his face, dropped. Issabelle Evans. She is popular, she is pretty, she is nice. She has boys dropping at her feet but since her previous boyfriend, she is scared of getting close to boys. Ryder Evans.

He is popular, he is good looking, he is nice. Girls are lining up to be with him but he doesn’t really care about having a girlfriend though, he just cared about looking and protecting his twin sister, Issabelle. Kian Wilde.

He is the player, the bad boy, the player of the school. He has girls queuing to be with him, like Ryder. He was also gorgeous. When he notices Issabelle for the first time, he thinks she is beautiful.

With heart break, dark daunting pasts and bright, fun futures, Kian and Issabelle find themselves finding themselves getting closer and closer. Closer than ever.

The Player Wants Me?! Novel by Courtney Radford
The Player Wants Me?! Novel by Courtney Radford

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