The Proud Imperial Concubine Novel

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The Proud Imperial Concubine Novel Summary

She is a little princess of the Kingdom of the Spirit, she unexpectedly fell in this history unknown dragon Xuan dynasty…
All this, but also inexplicably became the emperor’s concubine, but also a low status of the small concubine.
It’s okay, she can’t!

When she came out of the palace, the sky was high, birds were flying, the sea was wide, fish were jumping…
But God seemed to think her wishes were so good that she even mistook the Emperor for a eunuch and called him brother.
The emperor did not know why he was mad… I won’t let you go.

Ouyang Zhengxuan, Emperor of Longxuan, only loved Qing Dynasty in this life, and the harem was empty for Qing Dynasty.

The prince, who has always been moody and has no color shape, has a special love for her different sheets and the same holes.

The world’s first killer did not join this game at night and I am willing to lay down my sword for you.

What a mess. What a mess. Is it her luck or misfortune?
And it seems interesting to see if she plays around the harem, while at the ancient piano, playing basketball…

The Proud Imperial Concubine Novel
The Proud Imperial Concubine Novel

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