The Record of Orc Civilization Novel

Danger lurked around every corner in the Bog woodland. The dense white mist clouded the sight at night, and the frigid air froze you to the bones. When daybreak came, hordes of fierce mutant animals the size of hills roamed seeking prey.

The Record of Orc Civilization
The Record of Orc Civilization

The Monster Species, the Meer Continent’s weakest species, resided among them. They had to rely on their robust bodies to survive in a world governed by magical might.

To the mage, they were simple vermin that could be easily eradicated.

To avoid the mana rulers’ gaze, they had to hide in remote locations, such as caves shrouded in darkness or the gloomy subterranean filled with filth. Yet staying hidden was not an option.

Moku was formed when war beasts honed their claws, elves polished their weapons, humans feasted on their greed, and demons sought prey with their thirst.

Moku was a global MMA champion who incarnated as an orc in the magical world. He’d always wanted superpowers, like being able to jump beyond the skies, smash mountains with one blow, and run faster than sound.

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Moku wished to have these abilities. He used rituals, magical lore, and everything else that was considered myths and fairy tales in his native world to strengthen himself and his tribe.

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He deeply inscribed a pledge. He would one day bring the conflict to those who had underestimated them.

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