The Rejected Alpha’s Slave Mate Novel by Celia Dempsey

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The Rejected Alpha’s Slave Mate Novel Summary.

“I Myla Cain, daughter of the red moon beta reject you, Dylan Sabastine as my mate as I am already in love with Chase Lucien,

I hereby, declare myself free and reject the mate bond” Dylan Sabastine was an Alpha werewolf who was rejected by his mate,

hurt beyond words he ran out from home to calm his hurting heart and was attacked by rogues, his parents who had run after he tried to save him but they were killed in the process,

having lost his mate and parents in one day, he decided to leave his pack. He went to the human world and lived as one, hiding his identity of being a werewolf,

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he soon triumphs in the human world, he has everything but one thing was missing in his life and that Is love, he had vowed never to let any woman so close to his heart ever again but his resolve was soon shaken when he met Ariana,

a witch who was also his slave. Ariana couldn’t believe her ill-luck, she was being punished for a past she couldn’t even remember, she has witnessed the death of her mother but all her memories were sealed off,

fate led her to Dylan who took her as his slave. When the seal of her memory broke off and her witch’s power revealed,

she soon remembered that a werewolf had killed her mother and she had sworn them as enemy. How could she reconcile her burning desire for a werewolf and her quest for revenge?.

The Rejected Alpha's Slave Mate Novel by Celia Dempsey
The Rejected Alpha’s Slave Mate Novel by Celia Dempsey

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