The Rejected Luna Novel by Christylooknice

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The Rejected Luna Novel Summary.

Cassandra was rejected by her mate, the new Alpha. After Smith was crowned the new alpha, he decided to show his cruel behaviour,

which he had been hiding from his dad waiting to be crowned the new alpha. He was certainly a badass king.

After he found his mate, he rejected her because she was nothing but an ordinary powerless omegas, as if the pain of rejection was not enough for her.

He used her as his sex slave along with other ladies he uses for his pleasure. but unknown to him, the rejected omega was more powerful than he thought,

and belonged to someone else in the dark forest. I felt breathless and choking. Holding my neck, he gripped me against the metal wall of his enormous room. ”

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Don’t think I accepted you as my mate! You are just a sex slave to me!” he twisted my neck. Suddenly, I felt myself being lifted from the floor and dropped roughly.

” Ahh! ” I groaned out in pain, landing my back on the floor. I was rejected as if that wasn’t enough. He used me as his sex slave. You disgust me, weakling! He spat at me.

“My father should have left you alone to die in the woods, instead of bringing you to the orphanage home in the park!

” I felt my heart ripped apart like it was pricked by a needle. I’m I’m Cassandra, a girl who lost her parents at 9 months old.

The Rejected Luna Novel by Christylooknice
The Rejected Luna Novel by Christylooknice

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