The Rejected Luna’s Fate Novel by C R Roberts

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Rejected Luna’s Fate by C R Roberts.


The Rejected Luna’s Fate Novel Summary.

“YOUR USELESS!” He shouts. “3 years! And you can’t even… ahh forget it… just leave.” He says. “No! I won’t! You are my mate!” I say, stamping my feet.

“I can’t have an incompetent Luna anymore, I have an heir on the way. NOW LEAVE,” He growls. Cora had always dreamed of finding her fated mate, and when she finally met Drake, she thought she had it all.

But after three years of trying to conceive and failing, Drake lost his patience and deemed Cora an incompetent Luna. His betrayal cut deep, especially when Cora caught him sleeping with her closest friend.

Heartbroken and rejected, Cora is forced to leave the pack behind, unsure of where to turn next.

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But fate has given her another chance, and as she begins to rebuild her life, she meets someone who ignites a new kind of passion within her.

With the turmoils that still keep coming at her, will Cora be able to make the right choices to get her happy ending?

Or will she be shattered into a thousand pieces once again?

The Rejected Luna's Fate Novel by C R Roberts
The Rejected Luna’s Fate Novel by C R Roberts

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