The Rejected Rogue Queen Novel by Samantha Abbott

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The Rejected Rogue Queen Novel Summary.

“I Aiden accept you, Janelle Rose, as my mate and Luna of The White Oak Pack.” His words are like a punch to the gut.

Sucking all the air from my lungs. “How!?” I gasp, gripping my sides. “He-he… She’s not his mate. I’m his mate!” I scream… “You dare stake a claim on my mate!” Shrieks Janelle,

“How dare you! Aiden! I will not stand for this kind of disrespect! She needs to go! NOW!” Glaring at her, I turn my attention to Aiden. His eyes soften if only for a second.

“I Alpha Aiden Timberland, banish you Vex Riverton from The White Oak Pack!” It’s like a knife is plunged into my heart as I drop to my knees.

“Remove her!” Aiden says, turning, with Janelle hanging on his arm. “I never want to see her again!” That moment changed my life forever—I was no longer part of a community or even a family.

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Well, almost… but because of it, I gained a strength I never knew I had and power I never thought I’d possess.

The Rejected Rogue Queen Novel by Samantha Abbott
The Rejected Rogue Queen Novel by Samantha Abbott

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